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  • 2020-12-10

As COVID-19 disease is still very serious in many countries.A large amount of disposable nitrile gloves powder free,latex gloves malaysia manufacturer for examination are needed in the market. Now,affected by TOP GLOVES corona virus outbreak, glove productivety will be limited,the delivery time will be extanded,what’s more,the price increases day by day. Even hand gloves vinyl disposable price is much higher than before.

Our company is a gloves manufacturer for all kinds of gloves.Boasting a total area of 170,000 square meters and a plant of 50,000 square meters. At present, its main products have been medical and household gloves made of PVC, latex, nitrile, etc.. We build 39 large-scale automatic production lines with a length of 180 meters. With the joint efforts of more than 100 technicians and 800 employees, We are producing nitrile gloves,latex gloves and PVC gloves at a very large quantity to meet all the orders from all over the world.

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