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Disposable non woven PP shoe cover

Disposable non woven PP shoe cover

The disposable non woven shoe covers protect carpets and floors. Fitting shoes up to any size, these covers are made of non woven fabric and will help protect floors and carpets during painting and other construction work.

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Disposable non woven PP shoe cover

  PP disposable shoe cover, very durable, not only waterproof, but also shoe cover loose belt is very good, very convenient to wear off. Suitable for all kinds of occasions, suitable for all sizes of feet. More effective to protect your shoes from liquid and dust.


Product Description

Disposable nonwoven shoe cover
100pcs/bag 20bag/ctn
Free sample

Product Details

ANTI-SLIP PATTERN ON SOLE  wear comfortable while protecting your safety 

ENHACED DESIGN ON BOTH SIDES OF THE FOOT  reinforced design is adopted on both sides of the foot mouth,which is not easy to fall off

SUPER ELASTIC BEAM  good elasticity,can be freely stretched,more comfortable to wear.

Product Features

①Good toughness,not easy to crack when stretched

②Good waterproof performance,good load-bearing performance

③High sealing performance

④Anti-slip pattern on sole ,protecting your safety


Disposable shoe covers are perfect for the computer room, library, model houses, glass plank road, open house showing, homes, restaurant, daycare, travel luggage, auto cleanroom, hiking, mopping, rain weather, gardening, parties, dress shoe care, and sports, any need for indoor or outdoor activities, These disposable shoe covers come with an anti-skid particle surface that can ensure your safety in various situations

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.