Miaoxing Class 100 000 clean workshop Medical Equipment

  • 2020-09-23

Our company is a factory with more than ten years experience in medical equipment production,such as disposable face mask,surgical gown,disposable isolation gown and so on. The products are exported worldwide. The quality of our products is very good, and the factory also has 100000 class dust-free workshop.

Class 100000 Dustless Workshop means that the number of dust particles per cubic meter of air greater than or equal to 0.5 um is less than 100000.

The basic condition for the production of masks is that 100000 class clean workshop, what is 100000 class clean workshop, below our 100000 class clean workshop standard, first, The maximum allowable number of dust particles (per cubic meter), the number of particles greater than or equal to 0.5 micron shall not exceed 3500000, and the cleanliness is very high. Secondly, the maximum allowable number of microbes should not exceed 500 per cubic meter and 10 per petri dish. The third is the pressure difference, the same cleanliness grade purification workshop pressure difference to maintain the same, for different cleanliness grade adjacent purification workshop pressure difference between ≥5 Pa, purification workshop and non-purification workshop to ≥10 Pa. In order to ensure the flow of air from clean workshop to non-clean workshop and prevent external air from pouring back.

Our company not only has this 100000 class dust-free workshop, but also has complete export qualification, whether medical or non-hospital can be exported.

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